Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sadia Imam

A Pakistani TV actress and a model in commercials,
catwalks and musicals.
Sadia Imam
Birth date 1969
birth place Pakistan
Occupation Actress and model

Early life and career
Sadia Imam is a native Pakistani beauty from Islamabad, Pakistan. Sadia's ethereal beauty can be witnessed acting on TV, sauntering down runways and in commercials. She's the sister of actressAliya Imam, another sultry Middle Eastern beauty who lights up televisionscreens
Sadia Imam a dusky gal from Rawalpindi,
is the pick of all Drama Producers. She is the most sought after and
the most frequently found face in every other Drama Serial.
Sadia Imam has the talent and the looks to go with it. With a perfect round face
and delicately balanced features she is the right choice. She is one of
the most attractive female artists found in our industry.

Sadia Imam has not only played varius roles in Drama Serials and Long Plays but
has also participated as a model in commercials, cat walks and

On TV Sadia Imam looks like a gorgeous young woman
a gorgeous intelligent young woman who seems to know the tricks of
the trade and knows she is got what it takes to be on top.

when at ease, she is a child. Everything she does is innocently
childlike; the way she speaks, rolls her round black eyes in
exasperation, miles her toothy shy smile, puts up her thick black hair
in nest like knot. There is no other way to describe her.

Sadia Imam is
association with the media has been a long journey. She started doing
radio shows from Islamabad (her hometown) when she was in sixth grade.

her sister, Aliya Imam, started doing TV plays, that is when Sadia Imam was
discovered. And surprisingly enough the one to spot her was a
Karachiite, the famous image-maker, Nabila. And one fine day Nabila
called, and the official tele-operator of the family, as she is the

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